Okay, here are the *actual* pictures of the Harry’s razor!

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I did a post on the FREE Harry’s Shaving Bundle last week but I completely spaced out and forgot to take pictures of the actual razor! Um, hello! That’s kind of important if I’m telling you about a Shaving Bundle! 😉

But I wasn’t at home when I wrote the post (I actually wrote it while Jesse was driving us to a basketball game!) so I couldn’t go back and re-take the pictures before the post needed to go up.

So today, when I was at home (and wasn’t writing this post in the car!), I took some pictures of the actual razor for you to see…

If you haven’t ordered your Harry’s Shaving Bundle yet, here’s how to get this deal:

  • Go here and click on the “Get Started” button (right at the top).
  • Follow the steps on your screen and choose how often you’d like to receive future shipments.
  • Go to checkout and you’ll just pay $3!

Woohoo! Just $3 out of pocket for the set!

Note: When you sign up for this Shaving Bundle, it signs you up for a subscription to Harry’s razors, however, you can choose to cancel before they send your next shipment.

They said that they will email you before they send your next shipment and you can cancel your subscription then if you don’t want to continue getting shipments. Or, go ahead and cancel it as soon as your first order ships above so you don’t accidentally forget.

I went in and cancelled my subscription after my box shipped and it was SUPER easy to do. You just go into your account online choose to cancel your subscription. It literally took me less than one minute.

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